About Errol's Kebab House

Errol's kebab shop offers meals of excellent quality and invites you to taste its melt in mouth kebab range. From the first moment you step through the door to the very last bite, we believe you deserve nothing less than the best service.

When you venture out to grab a satisfying meal, nothing hits the spot like our great-tasting kebabs. Simply ask locals in Peterhead ‘Where is the top kebab shop near me?’. They will definitely say Errol's takeaway, located at T17 Erroll St, Peterhead AB42 1PU. 

Why not try our authentic lamb Shish Kebab, which is cubed of marinated lamb cooked on a charcoal grill, served with fresh salad and chilli, or our show stopping succulent doner kebab which is stuffed into a hot sliced pitta bread. Don't skip our amazing Bursa Kebab, a wonderful house special that guarantees your delight in every stick!

Our menu is full of gourmet dishes, which are all prepared with the finest local ingredients. Whatever your diet or preferences, there’s enough choice for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, who are more than welcome at our place.

Just eat our treat-worthy chicken Burgers, homemade wraps, ultimate Calzone Pizza and many other delectable dishes to keep you coming back for more!

Did you have such a long day? Need to order pizza online in Peterhead? Cool! Visit our website, scroll through our online menu and put in an order for delivery or collection. All our pizzas come with a wide variety of crust options and are made using a generous topping of our premium selection of cheese.

We are proudly partnered with the Mealzo family. Customers can download the Mealzo App to receive exclusive discounts!

Feel free to call us at 01779479990 and order over the phone.

Thank you for choosing us. Looking forward to seeing you always!


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